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technical-translation-services-man_tielNBKar Inc. technical translation located in Houston, Texas, USA, provides technical translation services in any combination of English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Romanian, Dutch and Asian languages. We specialize in international businesses associated with the Oil and Gas industry, including, but not limited to the Petro-Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy, Telecommunications, and Civil Engineering and Green Energy industries. We provide the translation bridge you need to meet the challenging requirements of foreign governments, markets and clients by pursuing mutual goals and principals.

NBKar Inc. utilizes a multistage system for quality control, which employs a thorough editing process at several levels. This system integrates the skills of specialists, consultants, editors, and proofreaders. Our approach ensures that we deliver punctual, high-quality products, which are stylistically well constructed and incorporate the appropriate professional terminology. The end result is a clear, accurate and concise message that will be provided to your potential market in its native language. We possess the adequate capacity for managing large volumes of technical, scientific, legal documentation and AutoCAD/Microstation drawings.

More About our technical translation services

Under no circumstances do we use computerized technical translation services applications. At the same time, we apply various software tools that do not replace a translator but merely serve as effective support tools for acceleration of the translation process without sacrificing quality. We take pride in the quality of our finished product, and continue to produce successful, error-free translations in several major projects in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan.

We have compiled an immense library of specialized dictionaries and reference material. A unique glossary is created for each project to ensure consistent terminology. Every project includes a personal consultation with our clients.

Technical Translation Services Houston Texas

Technical Translation Services

NBKar Inc. has built a reputation on our ability to provide fast and thorough service on numerous global projects with quality second-to-none. Our major clients are oil and gas companies as well as the suppliers of oil and gas production and processing equipment. NBKar Inc. provides overall project evaluation, planning, coordination and management. We ensure terminological consistency of every job, and provide our clients with support, quality assurance and project budgeting.

NBKar Inc. produces fixed cost estimates within a client’s budget by constantly monitoring documents against our database, charging only for new translation data. All source documentation and translations are electronically scanned and archived to allow subsequent business to be checked for similarities, which helps us maintain a lower cost to our clients.

We speak the language of your business!

Technical Translation Services continued...

NBKar Inc. considers our personnel to be our greatest asset. We employ a talented and accomplished team of highly qualified translators, editors, proofreaders, consultants and managers. Our quality translations are created by degree-qualified engineers who must have at least 6 years of technical translation experience in a given technical area. NBKar Inc.’s collective knowledge, experience, and creativity not only guarantees success in any translation task, but ensures a bright future for our growing business!

Contact NBKAR Technical Translation Services at nbk@nbkar.com and discover how fast, easy and affordable it is to bridge the language barrier. We speak the language of your business!

Acknowledged Expertise

  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling and logging operations
  • Well testing, completion and stimulation
  • Construction and process equipment installation/operation and maintenance manuals
  • Project/equipment specifications and data sheets
  • Geological and geophysical surveys
  • Process control systems
  • Dual-language AutoCAD and Microstation drawings
  • PFD, P&ID, schematics

continued list of Acknowledged Expertise

  • Feasibility studies
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Russian and international standards and codes (GOST, SNiP, BS)
  • Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Security
  • Cabling and wireless systems
  • PLC-based monitoring and control systems
  • Data acquisition, exchange and processing
  • Graphic user interfaces
  • Procurement, logistics and planning
  • Contractual, Financial and Legal documentation

Client Benefits

  • Quick Turnaround

    With several qualified staff and industry contacts all over the globe, NBK has the capacity to provide accurate translation needs on a quick turnaround basis. We only employ accredited translators, consultants, editors and proofreaders. NBK will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. We will work closely with you in every way possible, Your success is paramount to our continued success. Our attitude and ability to provide a fast and thorough service has enabled us to build a reputation for quality client service second to none.

    Benefit: You can respond to last minute inquiries for quotations, business opportunities and market forces with complete faith that NBK will meet your requirements accurately and on time.

    While we focus on English Russian Professional translation and Russian to English translations, we also translate all major language combinations.

  • Quality Control = Total Accuracy

    NBK’s carefully monitored multistage quality control system ensures the product provided to you is clear, concise and accurate. Our quality translations are created by degree-qualified specialists who must have at least 7 years of translation experience in a specific area related to a particular industry.

    Benefit: You know you can rely on NBK to present your company as totally professional and experienced in your field of business. Your words will be presented exactly as you wish them to be, without errors and without doubt or confusion. Your company image depends on accurate translations.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    NBK provides fixed cost estimates by constantly monitoring documents in our databases to ensure we do not have to translate common words or phrases. We will ensure that you receive value for you money with complete services which includes overnight or weekend work as required. Our cost-effective, time-efficient use of technology provides the Company with access to our team members and our clients regardless of their international location. Our services are provided with guaranteed satisfaction.

    Benefit: You pay less than total word count may indicate. NBK will also make recommendations to further reduce your costs where applicable. We never apply any extra charges after work has begun, we want you to come back for your future needs. NBK will be there to provide all the translation services you will ever need.

  • Foreign Regulatory Requirements

    NBK provides the translation bridge you need to meet the often challenging requirements of foreign governments, markets and clients, especially for Spanish Russian Professional translation and Russian to Spanish translations.

    Benefit: NBK understands how complex foreign regulatory requirements can be and how to respond. The costs savings to you and eliminating wasted time by presenting complete documentation the first time can be significant.

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