NBK Company Biography

NBK Company Biography

NBK Company Biography for Technical Translation Services – NBKar Inc. provides technical translation services for international companies conducting business in the global market. NBKar Inc. co-operates with worldwide businesses including the petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, telecommunications, automation, civil engineering industries, while specializing in the Oil and Gas Industry.

NBKar Inc. routinely translates company information into technically professional and accurate formats, specifically designed for your foreign clients. We possess the capacity for managing large volumes of technical, scientific, legal documentation and AutoCAD/Microstation drawings.

NBKar Inc. located in Houston, Texas, USA, provides technical translation services in any combination of English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Romanian, Dutch and Asian languages. We specialize in international businesses associated with the Oil and Gas industry, including, but not limited to the Petro-Chemical, Mining, Metallurgy, Telecommunications, and Civil Engineering industries. We provide the translation bridge you need to meet the challenging requirements of foreign governments, markets and clients by pursuing mutual goals and principals.

NBKar Inc. utilizes a multistage system for quality control, which employs a thorough editing process at several levels. This system integrates the skills of specialists, consultants, editors, and proofreaders. Our approach ensures that we deliver punctual, high-quality products, which are stylistically well constructed and incorporate the appropriate professional terminology. The end result is a clear, accurate and concise message that will be provided to your potential market in its native language. We possess the adequate capacity for managing large volumes of technical, scientific, legal documentation and AutoCAD/Microstation drawings.

Under no circumstances do we use computerized technical translation services applications. At the same time, we apply various software tools that do not replace a translator but merely serve as effective support tools for acceleration of the translation process without sacrificing quality. We take pride in the quality of our finished product, and continue to produce successful, error-free translations in several major projects in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan.

We have compiled an immense library of specialized dictionaries and reference material. A unique glossary is created for each project to ensure consistent terminology. Every project includes a personal consultation with our clients.

In addition to our prevailing English/Russian language pair, we also offer translations in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, and Asiatic languages. http://spanish-russian-professional-translation.com/

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